The Several Kinds of Motorcycle Helmets

by Frank Medley

For those who have just purchased their first , or who have only recently decided to wear a helmet, it can seem as if there are thousands of different of . What should you get?

This article will help you to select the kinds of motorcycle helmet that could be right for you. It is up to you which type of helmet is best, but common concerns include helmet price, safety, and style.

If you’re looking for a classic helmet, then you may like the beanie, or puddin hat helmet style. These are recognizable from the first and second world war. They offer limited protection, and look pretty cool.

However, this kind of motorcycle helmet will only protect the top of your head, and only minimally. It also leaves you open to wind, rain or dirt in your face, and can lead to hearing damage because your ears are uncovered.

If you like the look of the beanie, but would like more protection, you may like the half helmet. It covers part of your ears and the side of your head, as well as the top. It is also designed with peripheral vision in mind.

However, it also has its disadvantages. Your ears are only partially covered, and can still be damaged. Your face is also left open, which can lead to debris or weather issues, or injuries in a crash.

For those who are very interested in safety, a full face helmet is the right way to go. It protects your entire head, including your chin and covering your ears, and it also blocks your face from debris and weather.

There are some drawbacks to this model of helmet. Covered ears can make it difficult for you to hear. You must also completely remove your helmet if you would like to take a picture, drink or eat.

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