Polishing Concrete’s Basic Methods

Just by hearing the term polished already gives you that picturesque variety of decorative shiny flooring possibilities. Polished is the generic term for that said floor styling everyone had been adoring lately. Without the need for any other coating of vinyl, carpet or tiles, allows you the ability to expose the as it is, but only more stylish.

There are three to use on concrete : honing, burnishing, or trowelling. Depending on the design and pattern that you want for your floor, these three options will give you the sought of style that you always wanted. This offered concrete option carries qualities like being energy efficient, dust free and requires low maintenance.

A steel trowelled finish is a concrete polishing process that can be achieved by hand or with a power trowelling machine. Whichever you will use depends mostly on the area to be processed. Trowelling marks are one of the downsides on this option however, if advised, can be fixed and or avoided. It gives off the typical natural grey concrete look, but can be upgraded to a lighter color by incorporating an amount of off white cement.

Burnishing is an option that can be done right after the trowelling process. When the concrete floor has reached that polished glossy appearance, alternative burnishing materials like floor waxes, liquid polishes, and resin based coatings can be applied for the look you are after for.

Honing is the process that you can adopt after the trowelling and burnishing options. This method is actually a concrete polishing option where a deeper depth is achieved. You’ll know a concrete floor is honed when you start seeing presence of aggravates that is becoming part of the aesthetic design in the end result.

By using your creativity, and knowing how to mix up all these processes along with the right tools, and the right materials, you will surely get a concrete polished floor that is classy and elegant in the end. Add in the right color combination, the pattern and style and you are definitely in for the best polished concrete floor to brag about.

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