The Reality behind Home Improvement Reality Shows

by Michael Olnick

You might be watching a show or two on HGTV and the like to get tips to sell your home or spruce up your current place. Do take everything you watch with a grain of salt; after all there has to be an entertainment aspect to the show as well.

Paint is Fine – Even then chances are you won’t do such a bad job after all. Read an article or two about prepping the place, use good quality paint with a finish depending on the room you are painting and then paint in large W’s until you’re done. Eggshell finish is popular in kitchens and high traffic areas as it is easier to wipe clean. Matt finishes are more suited for serene areas like bedrooms.

With so many homes on the market, many sellers resort to home improvement tips and tricks to make their house stand out from amongst the competition. However, the key lies in knowing which home improvement tips can increase the value of your home and which won’t make much of a difference. Here are some of the most popular home improvement areas that can help sell your home faster and for a better price

Flooring Needs Help – Flooring is one home improvement project better left to the professionals or at least done with someone you know and trust. If you want to sell your home soon and feel the vinyl flooring in the kitchen has to go, do take on the home improvement project but after you have done some research.

Don’t expect to furnish your entire home with excellent flea market finds, because they are usually few and far between and need a lot of time to find and fix. What may seem like a weekend project on TV also may take you much longer. Remember, many portions of the show are edited and therefore you may not even see all the steps it really requires to sand a coffee table or sew toss pillow covers.

The designers on the show are experts themselves plus they have a lot of help from back up crew and the like so they can delegate tasks and get more done in less time.

What You Can Do On Your Own – There are things shown on home improvement that you can easily replicate like rearranging your furniture, de-cluttering and even painting so don’t give up a home improvement project just because you can’t compete with the pros. However, assess your strengths and keep a plan B in mind. For instance, while you are redoing your kitchen, factor in the cost of eating out for all the days that the floor is ripped out and the appliances unusable.

Home improvement shows are great but keep them as the inspiration point. Have a journal of things you like and incorporate them in your new home or in the home you want to sell. Just don’t expect to do it as quickly, cheaply and professionally ‘as seen on TV!’

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