My thoughts on Concrete Polishing

by Rick Amorey

There have been a lot of people who asked me about how I knew about concrete polishing. The answer to that is quite simple; you find thing on the internet. Learning how to maneuver yourself in the world-wide web has become a necessary skill these days. I’m personally a good hand when it comes to the various internet search engines, and I can find the best way to solve some of my problems via the web.

Enough about me. I am here to talk about what I did find over the internet recently. Concrete polishing is a stylish addition to any home. I’ve had it for some time now, and it still makes me smile when I first notice it in the morning. I am happy I chose polished, concrete floors for my home.

The concrete’s finish is smooth and crisp, and as personal experience have shown, it becomes a natural topic of conversation when you have friends over. Some of the uninformed will even mistake it for marble tiling, but you don’t need expensive marble to achieve those results.

Concrete is a very practical type of floor design as well. The cost for having my concrete floor polished was about the same as the cost that I would have spent on brittle ceramic tiles. Add to that the longevity of the concrete polish itself. I do not have to pay for maintenance very often. All I have to do is sweep occasionally. Polished, concrete floors just stay shiny.

You would also likely consider the right tone for your home. My own home sports a coffee-colored polished concrete, which complements the wooden motif that we have. In the same light, many specific tints will be achievable through concrete polishing, as the material is friendly to dyeing. This is a good choice for anyone who wants a different material or look for his flooring.

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