4 Tips If You Have a Craft Show Booth

by Sam Weyland

When you are selling your crafts for that extra buck, you have to work really hard. After all, even in the Sunshine State, selling is not a walk in the park. There are plenty of things to consider, and if you don’t think about it thoroughly, then you’ll end up with little, or even no, profit from selling your wares.

What are the factors you need to consider? The next paragraphs will attempt to outline several;

1-Location: There are a lot of fairs and festivals in Florida on any given year. But how do you know which one to got to? Surely you can’t join them all. Thus, my advice would be to choose one near where you live. That way, you can save up on valuable transportation time and gas money.

2-Supply: It would be damn presumptuous of you to go to a craft show with just some of your crafts. if you think highly of your work, then that’s more reason for you to expect it to sell like pancakes. It probably won’t, but at least you’ll be prepared for it, should it happen. Running out of supplies mid-show will make you look woefully inept.

3-Marketing: You’ll have to promote your goods, too. Bringing fliers may help, but I advise to start with the booth first. Jazz it up a little. Maybe put a colorful cloth on your table, or a lively banner up on top. Also make sure to arrange your wares properly on the counter. Presentation does a lot when you want to attract customers to your booth.

4-Prepare: Above all, you should be able to prepare. Preparation in this case does not refer to the ones above (though they are equally important); rather, you would be wise to expect the unexpected. Weather will not always be sunny, for example. Bring large plastic sheets to protect your crafts in the event of a downpour. There are other precautions to consider, but only experience can tell you for sure.

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