Poolside Concrete Polishing

by Rick Amorey

I miss the swimming pool in our back yard.

Well, technically, the pool is still there. No one has just used it in quite some time, as water keeps on draining out. And, as it is now empty space, over time we have started to use it for some of our discarded and also unused items from our home. Having a lot of junk there is actually a help. Take the case of our neighbor, who also has a pool; neighborhood skater boys have persistently used it.

Recently, we’ve come into some money and have elected to fix up the pool. By our calculations, we found that we would have a little extra funds to fix up the aesthetics of the surrounding area as well. So the next day, we went around to look for whatever would work with it.

Unfortunately, looking around for tiles, we found out that our budget was not enough for the classier type of tiling. We didn’t much like the cheaper types as the original tiles on the pool were still better. We took a vote, and then just decided to go home and lounge beside our newly renovated pool.

Talking to a friend of mine who came over one day to enjoy our new pool, I found out something which interested me to no end. I didn’t know about it, but he stated that concrete tiling for the pool area would probably work and would look good. He pointed out that the surrounding area was concrete anyway; all I needed was to find a contractor to work on it.

So there: My friend very kindly logged me on to the Concrete Polishing website and within a matter of minutes found a contractor willing to come over and help with fixing up our pool. We scheduled a meeting next weekend and I’m sure our swimming pool will very soon have a handsome new polished concrete floor.

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