Give Your Son a Bedroom Makeover with These Paint Ideas

by Debra That Painter Lady Conrad

Most children like their bedroom to reflect their own personality and interests. With a bit of imagination and a few pots of paint a plain boy’s room can be turned into a place of their very own. By all means surprise him – but it won’t harm to get some ideas and feedback from the intended resident.

Themed Boys’ Rooms

Whether the boy in question is passionate about cars or stars, there’s a theme that you can implement in his bedroom using little more than paint. You may choose to create a total environment or simply to co-ordinate features thematically. Identify the key features of your chosen theme and think about which can be effectively realized in paint. Popular themes for boy’s rooms include outdoors activities, cars and trains, sport, the Wild West and the realms of space. You might want to opt for themes that are less gender-stereotyped.

Expressing a room theme using paint can involve little more than choosing a suitable color scheme (perhaps a sports team’s colors) and recreating motifs associated with the theme. At the other end of the spectrum is the creation of a full-on illusion. If your son is adamant he wants to live in a tree house, you can use paint on all four walls plus ceiling to create that fantasy, using accessories to provide the finishing touches. With faux brickwork (easy with stencils) you can fake a room in a castle or, with trompe l’oeil portholes, the appearance of a ship’s cabin.

Imaginative ways to use paint in themed rooms are legion. A young car fanatic might be amused by road markings painted on the floor or faux tire tracks stenciled on the walls. You don’t have to stick to murals or borders depicting cars. If the theme is the Wild West or a castle, you can use faux painting techniques to simulate a distressed or antique look. Metallic paints can be used to simulate chrome, bronze and metal features appropriate to a particular theme.

How far you go when decorating your boy’s room depends on his age and his fascination. Children’s interests can change as crazes come and go.

Color Schemes and Paints

Themed rooms often invite particular color schemes and treatments. If you’re not going for a theme, consider a color scheme that doesn’t show the dirt that many small boys seem to attract. Washable, scuff-resistant paints are recommended for active boy’s rooms.

Special Purpose Paints

Paint not only creates a look but can be used for some practical purposes. You can even buy magnetic paint that will allow pictures and papers to be displayed, like a notice board (but more fun). Luminous paint, perhaps depicting stars and planets on the ceiling, will amuse your child after lights out. Chalkboard paint will allow your boy to draw on the walls without the usual consequences. Standard colors are green and black, but recipes for homemade versions and custom colors are available.

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