Recession-Conscious Kitchen Remodeling Tips

If the ’s dire straits have your dreams on the backburner, maybe it’s time to move them front and forward again. While the may alter the way you go about your kitchen, it doesn’t mean you have to put the brakes on the idea altogether. The Albany Times Union recently ran an article outlining five for kitchen remodels that “look good and make ‘cents.’” Each of them affords homeowners the look and feel of a totally remodeled kitchen without pushing their already precarious cash situation over the edge. What were the newspaper’s suggestions?

1. Where do most kitchen remodeling projects begin and end. With the countertops, of course. And if money were no object, what material would the average homeowner want his or her kitchen countertops to be constructed of? That would be granite. Because countertops have an enormous impact on the look and feel of your kitchen, your remodeling dreams will want to go for broke. You, however, probably won’t. Granite Certified by DuPont affords homeowners the beauty of natural stone at an affordable price range. All of the company’s granite is carefully selected and comes with the DuPont limited warranty. To see all the -friendly countertop options DuPont has to offer, visit an online remodeling center that partners with the world’s leading manufacturers. And to cut costs even further, the article recommends, “Look for thinner widths without beveled edges.”

2. The major focal point—and expense—of most kitchen remodels is the . The Albany Times Union suggests that homeowners “shop for stock items or semi-custom that rival custom craftsmanship. For real savings, consider re-facing your to get a new look without having to demolish and install costly new units.” A reputable online kitchen remodeling showcase will point homeowners to assembled kitchen cabinet collections that utilize the latest construction, along with superior standard materials to afford them high-quality, fully assembled products at exceptional prices.

3. Stainless steel appliances might seem like an untouchable luxury in the face of a recession, but the newspaper points out, “Skip high-end manufacturers and go to cost-conscious labels that still perform well.” With its century-long tradition of bringing innovative technology to the world, GE manufactures timeless appliances with up-to-date features at a variety of price points. No matter the insignia the homeowner chooses, he or she can rest assured of exceptional performance for a better, easier life.

4. Hardwood flooring is the envy of many a homeowner and it tops the flooring material kitchen remodelers most covet. Fortunately, one can get the look and feel of hardwood without the associated price tag with wood laminate flooring. The kitchen remodeling tip article stresses, “Wood laminate flooring gives the look of an expensive wood surface with lower cost and easier cleanup.” Armstrong Grand Illusions

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