Run Car on Water – Hydrogen Fuel Cells – Alternative to Gas

by Alan Chan

As the average prices at the pump approaching $4 a gallon, filling up is causing increasing pain in the pocketbook. The biggest factor in rising costs is the price of crude oil, followed by the cost of refining. But at the same time, oil companies are reporting record net profits! Have you ever wondered why there can’t be a cheaper, cleaner way to power your car?

Hydrogen fuel is the hot topic as the current moment. With this proven , car owner like you can run car on water. This seem like good news to everyone, especially costs of fuel prices is expected to rise to $4 per gallon. Hydrogen fuel is the alternative to gasoline.

In 2005, Honda leased the first commercial hydrogen car by using the . This technology allows you to convert water into energy for your car to allow you to run car on water! The main source of hydrogen is water; you can extract hydrogen from water by splitting the molecule apart via electrolysis. This is one of the easier and proven methods for obtaining hydrogen to run your car on water.

If you convert your car to run on water with hydrogen fuel technology, you may save up to 50% of your . At the same time, hydrogen cars offer the promise of zero emission technology than conventional gasoline powered cars.

To allow you to run car on water with the hydrogen fuel technology, you will need to modify your car to allow it to split water molecules. This splitting process called electrolysis cannot be performed by your unless you modify it. The installation of the “Water Powered Car” Kit device is safe and proven. If won’t void your car warranty and the process to remove the “Water Powered Car” kit is hassle free.

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