Craft Shows and Relationships

by Geoffrey Higgins

It is important that two people do things together for a relationship to survive. No matter how compatible you seem to be, a couple will usually drift apart if all that you do is something for the bedroom. While the adage that opposites do, indeed, attract, there should always be certain similarities for the attraction to stay.

My experience was that my girlfriend and I have struggled to keep our relationship from stagnating at the start. I worked in an office in a 9 to 5 job, while she was more free from the normal metropolitan lifestyle. With our lifestyles so very different, we had a job keeping pace with the other.

One night, though, I chanced to notice an interesting piece of jewelry she was wearing. It wasn’t made of anything expensive as far as I could tell, but we weren’t really dressed to go anywhere at the time. I inquired about it, and she simply said that she had made it by herself. As it turned out, she had a knack for making elegant pieces of jewelry for herself and her friends.

Something clicked in my head after a while. Being of an entrepreneurial mind, I pitched an idea to her and tried to sell her the idea of, well, selling her crafts at a . I could manage the -side of it; I’ll handle the talking to people part of the job so a stall could be organized. She would be in charge of making the supply of items to be sold, and we would be in .

It’s been two years since that day; and while she didn’t immediately agree, we eventually found ourselves in our first show. Our relationship has become stronger than ever as a result of selling her crafts together. I constantly go to the Florida website, and look for ideal venues for us from the listing there. She, on the other hand, is the face of the booth. She is able to express her fondness for her crafts in a better way than I ever could.

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