Tax Deductions you can get from home Improvements

by Eric Slarkowski

In some situations you can take improvement on your taxes. This is a subject that is quite debatable, though, as standards and regulations are not too clear. What this means for the owner is that it is best to just do because they need to be done and will add value to your home, not because you will get a deduction. However, there may be some very nice deductions you can take as an added bonus.

Spelling it Out

Getting a tax deduction for home improvements is a great deal. Home improvements will raise the value of your home so you are already getting paid to do them and with the added tax deduction, you are getting even more money in your pocket. Home deductions are not very easy, though. There are many reasons you can and can not take such deductions.

One reason for a deduction is medical reasons. If you must make changes to your home for a medical reason, such as widening doors for handicap access or installing an air conditioning for someone with breathing issues, then you may be able to take a deduction. This falls under the general deduction available for medical expenses. When you spend out over 7 percent of your income on medical expenses you get a tax deduction and that includes money spent on home improvement done for medical reasons. You may also get a deduction is you have to do remodeling for business needs. If you run a business out of your home then certain projects may qualify under business tax deductions. If you need to build an office or add a restroom for business needs, then this may qualify as a business expense That you can take as a deduction. In some cases you can also get a deduction for converting your home over to solar power. This is part of a move to try to reduce dependence on our current energy sources in favor of new, cleaner energy sources.

The bottom line is that there are an array of deductions you can take for home improvements, but they are not necessarily clearly spelled out. The IRS does not list them as actual home improvement deductions. Your home improvements should be made because they are needed or wanted and with the main goal of increasing the value of your home, not getting a tax deduction. You may end up finding out, once the work is done, that there are no deductions for which you qualify.

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