Oriental Rugs: From All Over The World

When you look at the kinds of that are available today, it’s not always apparent that these are the rugs that have a long that dates back almost as far as the beginning of civilization itself. Still, the modern technologies that are being worked by today’s make for some stunning imitations, but there is really nothing that can compare to the originals once you get a good idea of their . While we all might know in a general way that most of these Oriental rugs come from places that are both exotic and mysterious like Iran, there are few of us that know very much about the real -how far back it actually goes and what went into the predecessors of today’s imitations that come from manufacturers like the 828 Collections.

One of the more common places to start with the history of these rugs is . From the 16th to the 18th century, was controlled by Turkish overlords. This was to be an extended period of great carpet manufacturing as weaving went on here for a great time until the Ottoman Empire in fell in 1798 and with it the surplus in weaving. Around this time, there was a great boom in Oriental rugs that were manufactured in . To this day, has been able to hold on to this legacy and produce some of the finest rugs of this type that the world sees.

The Indian design as it pertains to oriental rugs is characterized by flowering shrubs and lattice patterns and prayer rug motifs that speak to the Hindu religion that is prevalent in the country. And all this bring us to the modern examples of the Oriental rugs and some of the variations that modern manufacturing has made possible. When you take a look at some of the rugs that come from the best of these modern manufacturers, you’ll see that people like those from the 828 Collections have done their best to combine the old world tradition with the latest in design. The Chairman Area Rugs for example are some of the best imitation Oriental rugs that you’re ever likely to see and these are from one of the beds of the industry to boot, India. Some of these are the best in their classifications and they boast New Zealand Blended Wool with a testament to the old world design that has made Oriental rugs and all their offspring famous for years.

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