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The number of people who practice is soaring. The roots of modern took place in Greece. Back in ancient times the practice of was called Hyponemata. The Greeks would place their thoughts feelings and ideas in a notebook. This is the first recorded instance of the practice and it appears that the Greeks were the only people in the world at that time to practice it. Fast forward to the 1400’s when Gutenberg invented the printing press and printing became realistic for the average person. This gave practically anyone who wanted to, the material to make scrapbooks. The practice of entering information to the page is also done with commonplace notebooks which are a recent concept that is very similar to .

Okay so now society had a method to preserve their memorabilia and legacy. The notebooks were comprised of the producer’s thoughts and ideas. Throw in some visually attractive decorations and now you have a modern day scrapbook. It isn’t an expensive activity. All that is required to do it is some papers, glue, paper trimmers, scissors, and different kinds of pens and pencils. A wide variety of products are readily available both online and in brick and mortar stores. Everything that anyone could want for decoration is able to be purchased by consumers.

Do you have a tough time organizing and locating their ? Then you should check out systems. These systems will allow you to arrange your scrapbooking materials and keep them in one central location. If you don’t have a , it is more than likely as your art form starts to flourish, that you will need one. Commercial concerns have recognized this need and have come out with several systems to accomplish the orderly and systematic of .

An example of a good start to scrapbooking storage would be a simple box divided into several different compartments. The box can be used to store tags, labels, pens etc. It also can be tucked away in any shelf while not being used. Such boxes in various shapes and sizes are available commercially along with another alternative for storage; the pouch. There are lots of companies that produce lots of different scrapbooking . Enough so that even the most discerning buyer has lots of choices to meet their needs and preferences.

Scrapbook storage systems can also be made of cloth or light weight poly material. This variety of pouches has top-open storage that has several compartments to conveniently place your materials in. Another brand has pouches and holders that are perfect for photographs. Photos of various sizes can be put into different compartments for storage until they are needed.

Commercial concerns have produced many different styles of pouches and storage systems. There are large pouches that are perfect for things like acrylic stamps and scraps. An ideal storage system for your flat decoration materials is also available. Just such a system comes in a see-through front-zipped pouch that is perfect for storing stamps, stickers and papers. For storing your papers and scraps, there are a wide variety of scrapbooking storage systems. There are also systems manufactured that will hold all your scrapbooking materials.

For the well dressed scrapbooker, there are cute tote bags that are small and petite but still have a good capacity to hold the things you need to practice your art form. Resembling a small suitcase it has a variety of small organizers and pivoting wheels with a telescopic handle to pull it along. So from small pouches to entire studio storage systems that will hold everything, the choices are numerous and readily available from many merchants.

Been there, done that, scrapped a page about it. Ken

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