My Fate in Woodcraft

by Rita Horowitz

Fate has a penchant for irony, it seems. I was perfectly happy working as a graphic designer at a mundane advertising agency just a few months back, and I had nothing to do with fairs or festivals. Okay, not happy, but the pay was adequate.

Let me tell you a little something about myself. My name is Rita Horowitz, and I’m in my early twenties. Like many people, I went straight to work after graduation to work off my student loans. But deep down inside, I’ve always held a soft spot for woodcraft.

I credit my interest in wood crafting to my grandfather, and many tend to agree. Growing up, I saw my grandfather working magic and miracles with mundane pieces of wood. One day, he saw me looking on as he carved and he beckoned me to him and started teaching me the basics of woodcarving.

I’ve been carving ever since then. First within supervision of my grandfather, as no sane adult would leave a kid with a sharp object, and then by myself ever since he passed on. But my parents convinced me that there was no financial stability in woodcarving, and that urged me to apply my artistic talents elsewhere. Hence, I ended up in an ad agency as a graphic artist.

So where’s the irony I was talking about? Well, for reasons I will not disclose here, I have never enjoyed going to Florida fairs and festivals. I avoided it as much as possible, until an old friend from college asked me to visit her in her booth. You guessed it; it was to be in a fair.

A few weeks later, I found that I was going to my third fair already. And this time, I had with me a big batch of my carved pieces. I had realized that fairs were a good place to showcase my art and let other people see my works. I’ve gotten good feedback for my initial attempt, and I now sell my woodcarvings with my friend. We share a booth, and I’m liking all the praise I’m getting.

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