Solar Energy : Power for the Future

by Joseph Then

I don’t know a thing about you but I bet that you’ve probably have heard it a hundred times about and that is good for you but how many of us actually understand the reason why or its benefits? Let me share with you the truth about . Take a look at the benefits of and what good can it do for you.

Have the thought of using solar energy ever come across your mind? Have you ever wondered if solar energy is right for you? Before you make any decisions, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. After reading this article, you could then decide if solar energy is right for you.

On a long term basis, solar energy can save you a lot of money. All you have to do is to pay the initial investment and from there on the energy from the sun is absolutely free. The duration for this investment can be very short depending on the usage of electricity you and your family use. Added to that, the government provides financial incentives that will reduce your cost.

The best feature of solar energy is that it is environmentally friendly. The energy that is being release is renewable, clean and sustainable to help protect our environment. Unlike many other traditional forms of electrical generators, it does not pollute our air by realising harmful gases and this helps to lower down the harmful green house gases.

Solar energy system is virtually maintenance free and because of this it will last even to decades. There are no recurring costs needed after you install the system. It works silently, does not gives out any smell and it certainly does not require you to add any fuel. You can even add more easily in the future when your family grows.

However, solar panels require quite a large area for installation to achieve a good level of efficiency. The efficiency of the system also relies on the location of the sun although this problem can be overcome with the installation of certain components. The production of solar energy is influence by the presence of clouds or pollution in the air as well.

Even though there will be no solar energy produced during the night but there are batteries base systems or a net metering will help you solve this problem. Installing net metering could also save you on electric as well as money. Solar powered cars are not greatly in favoured as the speed of the car does not move as desired.

Make no mistake about it solar energy could benefit you and your love ones in many ways that you could have possibly have ever imagine. If you weigh the benefits of solar energy on a long term basis against short term basis, the long term basis will certainly outweigh the short term basis making it all the more worthwhile. You would not only help to save money on your monthly electric bill but also helping to save the environment.

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