Hall Trees – Coat Racks That Are Not Just for the Hall

are one of the many designs that you will find if you are looking at . They are also harder to find and usually only fit in less . They are often large pieces of furniture and are usually made completely out of wood.

A hall tree was designed to serve several purposes. They were created as a place to be able to remove outerwear or put outerwear on, in the convenience of the entry or hallway. These types of coat racks usually consist of the following parts, a bench, a back that contains the hooks for the coat rack, and some sort of top or upper shelf. This design varies only a little in the various types of hall .

These types of coat racks can be used in other rooms. In fact, they make great additions to poolrooms or garden storage rooms. They can be used to hang towels, clothing, and are usually contain under the bench storage making it perfect for placing a variety of items. The under the bench storage size depends on the type and style used but usually there is considerable storage.

The benches on these larger sized coat racks can either be padded or be completely bare. The back where the coat rack is attached to this piece of furniture comes in a variety of different styles from solid to open and can be painted or stained. The sidepieces, which form the frame, can be plain or ornate depending on the style and d

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