Fashion decoration furniture advocates focus on simplicity has become the mainstream of today’s Home

by Zou Himfr

At present has entered the stable development of a new stage of becoming increasingly sophisticated, functional supremacy, advocating become the of nowadays . Mainly reflected in three aspects:

1. It is no longer interested in those who have no practical value of the renovation project. Such as on the once popular European fireplace design, it is now very few people do.

2. More and more and more people agree with the “light , re-” concept. A few years ago when people enjoy to do substantial renovation of the fixed , so can fully consider the use of space, but also more economical. Now to realize that is not only fixed relatively rough work, and make people completely lost their re-arranged in any possible use of space. So now more people are willing to spend money on , lamps, sewing, etc., by making use of decoration and furnishings to reflect their own personality. Simple decoration for room changes have more room.

3. Start advocating the pursuit of simple and practical modern style. In many instances the decoration, the kind of complicated luxury European style and antique Chinese style gradual decrease, while the on practical and functional modern style decoration has become more and more and more people are pursuing. In some of the sophisticated design of the traditional styles of Designer certain elements into the modern living room to make space for shows changing colors, added to the aesthetic of the home.

Furniture is also the case, clear edges and corners, straight lines become popular. Industrialized production of furniture can be sheet metal plate, glass, metal combination placed in the simple living room, all kinds of high-quality materials add radiance to each other, demonstrating a new technology and the arts General charisma.

The new century nostalgia wind

Classical style interior design will continue to be a considerable portion of people’s favorite, because of different ancient Materials Technology, which styles would be a clear simplification and abstraction.

Often means that the classical nostalgia, Sticking to the past. Life is a process, a thing of the past could only remain in memory, remain in the photographs, and those old furniture can always stay in people’s side, people hygiene, aftertaste living things. Elapsed time for nostalgia, the old furniture that is hard to let go. Select a few old furniture decorating at home with modern furniture . Sofas in fabric such as a front to do table, put the Ming-style chairs mandarin at ago, or the election board flower 12 wood carvings hung on the wall at home because of their rich and calm existence.

However, with changes in lifestyle, the old furniture has not fit modern use, so not too much. They are inextricably linked for the entire room into a classical style of the decoration will gradually reduce the practice, it looks like the museum will house and feel too heavy.

Pursue return to natural wind

Through the noisy city, people eager to embrace the natural. A sun, one , a little green, have become very precious. Can not change the environment, in their own hands. Try to open a Window, and let the sunshine in the housing formed in the beauty of light and shade, decoration in more use of natural materials, color wood floors and furniture, imitation stone paint and pristine slate, shale, together with potted plants to create an atmosphere of , have the fish cruising, bird song, seems at home on a return to nature.

Advocating environmental protection for the health of the wind

21st century information age, more time should be the ecological civilization. Designed bedroom want to consider tackling the problem of better utilization of natural energy, the rational use of natural materials in the spatial organization, decoration decoration, furnishings art many try to use natural elements and natural materials to create a natural, simple living and working environment; try interior design reduce the energy, resource consumption, development resources and materials recycling, according to “green building” concept requires interior decoration; change the way people judge the existing secular aesthetic standards, not the excessive decoration, not pathological space and reduce visual pollution, reduction of manpower, abuse and waste material. So that interior design is more close to nature, natural energy use and interior landscape to create both aesthetic to new heights.

To this end, the current interior decoration apart from taking into account aesthetics, people are more rational selection of materials, building materials with environmental label will become a market darling. Will house the health of people in the first place, take the initiative to select a number of green building materials, such as non-toxic water-based paint, saving wood composite materials, non-radioactive materials.

The course of construction, adhesives and other materials can not be vague, and their chemical constituents with the same health standards of concern.

Furniture City will find shopping, advocating environmental protection furniture quietly emerged. High-tech materials made from playing it fresh and new furniture, aluminum furniture, Ni-Cr alloy furniture, acrylic furniture, etc., they are saving a model of the timber. Incomparable, warm, natural paper furniture, bamboo and rattan furniture become increasingly popular. With new materials and technologies, environmental protection, durable furniture and decoration materials will become increasingly popular

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