Garden Decorating – From Garden Design To Easy Additions

by Mary Rice

Decorating your garden can be a fun way to add a sense of style to a place you already enjoy spending time in. Design elements begin with an arrangement plan on where major elements should go. After you have that blue print you can move into architectural elements and then finish with the smaller and easy to add garden items.

Your blueprint is the most important place to begin because it has the biggest impact on setting the tone and style of your outdoor area and it is the hardest to change after you create your garden. Design goals need to be clear otherwise you will end up with contrasting style elements and miss out on the harmony a well match garden can provide. Whether you are going for a Classical French Baroque or Japanese Tea garden theme, stick with your style and the foundational elements will dictate much of your final outcome.

Once you have your functional layout requirements you can move on to the visual aspects of your layout. There are many styles of garden layouts that you might choose such as a traditional English garden where the emphasis is on natural appearing “rooms” and shapes (either rectangular or curving). Adding eye-catchers is another popular design element and your garden layout can emphasize these elements with color, shapes, paths and other elements.

Now that you have your foundation figured out, you can turn your attention to the architectural components of your design. When we talk about architectural components, we mean things like walls, gates, storage buildings and even trellises and garden . These elements can really compliment or contrast with the desired style of your garden and because they are often larger pieces it is important to get them right.

Many folks think of garden accessories as medium size objects that are easy to add and move around the garden. Garden statutes are a popular item and can range anywhere from Angles & Madonnas to fantasy items such as Gnomes and Leprechauns. Yard art of various types are also popular and these include items like whirligigs and recycled yard item items. Less is more when it comes to these types of items.

Larger additions to your garden can create visual points of interest or even destination locations if you have a large garden area. Water features, garden benches, gazing balls, sun dials and large statues can all serve the purpose of larger anchor elements in your .

There are even easier items that you can add to your garden to add to the decor. Super easy items include bird feeders, rain gauges, stepping stones, garden stakes and wall hangings. Hanging planters and pots also make nice additions that are easy to mix and match to change seasons or styles.

Designing and decorating your garden can be a very enjoyable process and if you do a good job it will reward you for many years to come. Just remember to start with the fundamentals and to not go overboard on the garden gnomes and other garden statues. If your fundamentals are solid, you can easily make minor modifications to suite the changes in your design aspirations.

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