Well Water Filter

by Marianne E. Arnesson

A for your well is essential as the odds are that your has been contaminated at some stage.

Our previously pristine water sources are being destroyed by run -off from agriculture and industry.All sorts of chemicals such as pesticides,weedkilllers,cleaning agents etc. are seeping through to our water sources.

The water which feeds our wells is under constant attack from a whole host of undesirable additions. Toxins of all sorts are contaminating our previously healthy water as a result of industry and suspect farming methods.

The purity of our well water has sufferd such damage that probably the only way that we can be certain of its quality is by fitting a filter. This is especially so if you live near industry of farming units. The filters ability to remove not just ordinary sediment but also many chemicals,organic wastes and odours is an absolute must have to ensure the pourity of our water source.

Point-of-use filters that are attached to all the taps is one option whilst the fitting of a sink is another.

The sink filter is a cartridge attached to the sink tap. It works by purifying the ater as it passes through it on the way to the tap. These options are also often used with shower heads and are great for making the water softer and thus easier to foam.

Overall though the best solution is a well filter.This is the complete filter solution.It is a single filter that is attachesd to the water line coming from the well to the house. It is also a cheaper option than fitting several purifiers.

Replacing the cartridge is also quicker as obviusly there is only one filter cartridge to replace.

Fitting a well water filtration system will ensure that you have pure,healthy drinking water. Do however avoid those reverse osmosis outfits, these are not good as they also remove the the essential minerals from the water.This means that your water has lost a lot of its natural goodness.

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