Designing A Room Around A Item

by Ralph Finley

Sometimes when you are shopping you may find a piece of furniture, painting, or rug that you may want to create the whole around. It can even be a lamp that you want the main focus of the on. This is the way that a professional designer will fix a up. This is also the way the beginning designers are taught, but they also need to make sure that the is a good .

If it’s a statue you love the hard part is finding a color palette since most statues are one basic color, gray. Try choosing an item which has more colors to choose a theme out of for the rest of the rooms design. More colors you have the more options you can consider when a room.

Designers who have been around longer will usually tell you to focus on an area rug, or a painting. These are two of the easiest things to focus a room on. You can find a lot of area rugs in many colors and the same is with paintings, you can get something that is in a plethora of colors. Compare that to a blah statue that you have no color on.

In fact when a top designer was asked about choosing the best item they said they usually always will pick and area rug to design the room around. By emptying the room out and putting in the rug you can than design out from that item.

However, the majority of homeowners will look at an empty room and simply note the overall carpet color and think that they have to decorate the room based on the overall carpeting. But if an area rug is introduced to the room, they will then have a wide range of colors to choose from. This is very important for houses that feature a single carpet color that covers the entire house. In situations like that there is no other choice than to add a colorful area rug to a room.

You might feel awkward basing a rooms design around one item but in fact this is a great method to use and it’s very popular with interior designers that do this all the time. If you’ve seen great rooms designed by interior designers you would never have guessed that it started with just one object or item.

Also remember that when you go to choose that one item, it’s an item that can have the full room focused on it. Try to pick something that isn’t dull, you’re not going to have many choices than.

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