How To Give Your Room An Heirloom Style

by Arlis Cutter

There is something beautiful about a home that tells a story. You can mimic the beauty of historic mansions by adding a few antique accents to your current dcor. Heirloom style is easy to achieve if you know where to begin. Even if your grandparents didn’t pass down any great family treasures, you can still give your home that classic heirloom look with a little creativity.

Begin with some . Older homes were always covered in wallpaper, so you want to imitate that same historic look. If you don’t want to cover your whole room in paper, just cover one wall. Choose a dramatic damask pattern or some stately stripes and your whole room will come alive. Paint the surrounding walls a complimentary color and use the papered wall as a focal point in your room. You can also use small touches of wallpaper throughout the room to accent your focal wall. Try framing some scrap pieces of the same and hanging them on an opposite wall for a neat effect.

Rugs are a crucial part of heirloom style. Cover the floor with a beautiful oriental rug to get a truly historic effect. Because many antiques have a drab color scheme, insert a punch of color through your area rug. Don’t mix a modern rug in a antique room or you will ruin the design. Choose a rug that is large and traditional to get the complete heirloom effect.

How about adding in some mirrors to your room, finding them should be very easy checking those antique dealers. Or if you can’t find a good one around try using Venetian glass as accessories around the room.

With the heirloom dcor is the high backed chair, which you can also find in antique shops. Check out a wingback chair too, it will add some sophistication in the room. Sofa’s can be reupholstered to have more of an heirloom look to them, unless you already have one that will work. A great way to pick how to get a good design is to find something in the wallpaper that is your focal point, pick a color from that pattern and find something that will work for your furniture. Placing a high backed chair beside a fire place will give your room warmth to it.

Finally, add a touch of antique style to your lighting with a beautiful crystal chandelier. You can often find old chandeliers at antique stores. When you clean them up, they look beautiful in an heirloom room. Soak old glass fixtures in a solution of warm water and vinegar to restore the original sparkle. You can also add a few lamps into the space to soften the lighting. Look for lamps with shades covered in vintage fabrics or buy a shade that is covered in deep gold tones. This should complement the rest of your antique pieces and complete the look of your heirloom style.

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