Do-It-Yourself: When You don’t Like What You can Buy

by Benedict Hunter

The highly commercial world that had its peak in the 20th century has made life for the common folk increasingly convenient and comfortable. Electricity accounted for much of that, as well the electronics the made so much innovation in the latter half of the last century.

Starting with the simple electric light bulb to the electric appliances that take away the tedium of daily toil, the modern world has become a collection of artifacts from man’s genius in harnessing physics, chemistry and the engineering disciplines to make life more comfortable. In fact, the modern homo sapiens enjoy more comfort and luxury today than the kings and princesses of 200 years ago.

Not everything works great

As you know, sometimes electronics don’t meet your needs or expectations. This is because of the manufacturing and marketing process they go through before reaching the consumer. This is meant to provide advanced products to the general public at a competitive price, but it often backfires.

Electronics manufacturers have a difficult task to take on: they must make appliances that work while keeping costs low enough to be affordable for the average consumer. They need to get as much mileage out of their tooling and equipment as possible, which means finding ways to keep variations among their products low while satisfying as large a portion of the population as possible. This means that while you can probably find an inexpensive PC that fulfills a lot of common needs, it may be more difficult to find one with the specs necessary to support advanced, high-powered entertainment like gaming.


Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, is quickly becoming a popular way to improve your living space. Building your own home computer, repairing furniture, and painting and redecorating your house are all things that you can do with a little research and a few basic skills. They help you save money and give you a sense of accomplishment that can be hard to get out of today’s easy lifestyle. Below are just a few of the many things you can do yourself to improve your home and make life a little more convenient:

Furnish and Decorate Your Home

If the steep cost of an Interior Decorator is no object, then by all means indulge in hiring one. But if you operate on a budget like most people, you may want to try your hand at creating your own home dcor. Everybody has a different amount of talent for decorating, but with so many sources of advice about making your home look its best, it’s easy for anyone to be their own Interior Designer.

Making your own home furniture is another thing though. You will need some basic carpentry skills as well as tools for this, like electric drills, saws and sanders. This may not be for everyone.

Entertainment System

Creating an Entertainment System Perhaps one of the least cost-effective ways to Do It Yourself, building a home entertainment system is still a satisfying endeavor. A ready-made variety entertainment system is quick and often more affordable, but one you put together yourself can be made to meet your individual needs.

This is not a project for everyone. You will need to have a thorough understanding for electronics to make this worthwhile.

Home PC

Similarly, you have to be a reasonably grounded in electronics or computers to come out with a really neat PC systems at home that can be powerful and featured enough for your specific needs. None of those generic PC units you find in malls. It really isn’t difficult, PC parts are modularized so that they can be assembled at home. But you need to know what motherboard, hard drives, memory sizes, operating systems, and cabling to use, among other things, to make it work. And that’s not for everybody.

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