Effective Decorating Techniques For Small Rooms

by Richard Boyston

A common problem in home decorating is how to style a small space with decorations to avoid dullness, but less enough to avoid clutter and squeeze for space. Here are some techniques to help you enhance your small room’s interior.

Start with color. Lighter hues are better for small rooms because they can make the room look bigger. Light colors reflect natural light and this creates an illusion of a bigger space.

Get creative when you choose accessories for your room. Every small space should have a mirror involved at some point in the design. Mirrors make rooms look larger, and you can get creative with where and how you will use them. You could hang one large mirror as a focal point or you could cover a portion of the wall in mirrored tiles. You could even start a collection of small, antique hand mirrors and display them on a wall. Try to hang your mirrors directly across from a window, to reflect more light and visually expand your space.

A light color can be quite limiting in style. It can turn a room into a dull, boring space. However, you can’t use a dark or bright color because it will make your room even smaller. What you can do is to accessorize with vivid colors. Use such shades on your comforter, pillows, towels, etc. A personal favorite is using brightly-colored scented candles. I not only get yummy scents but the candles add to the rich colors in my room.

Show more colors through the use of . Due to the limited space, smaller rugs are better as not too eat up space. There are small rectangular rugs that can actually aid in visually lengthening your room. An alternative is to use a round shaped area rug. Rugs are simple yet effective means to soften or brighten a room. Even if you don’t have other decorative items, can do the job of spicing up a space. With the right color, your room will look like a winner.

Arrange your furniture properly to avoid a crowded look. Use the appropriate size so that they don’t just fit but more importantly, they fit well. Have custom-made furnishings and multi-purpose items to save space. A storage ottoman for example, can be a coffee table while also being a chair. At the same time, it can help store items you have that would otherwise be crammed in some imaginary space somewhere.

You can make your small room look amazing. Don’t worry too much about the lack of decorations. Ensuring that what few items you have are valuable and effective decors, you are not missing much. You are in truth, maximizing what you have. That’s productive. That’s way better.

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