Relax in Style on Your Patio in 5 Easy Steps

by Janice Eliza White

On busy warm summer days it’s great to be able to come and relax in your own outdoor space. All you need to do is grab a cool drink, open your back door and step outside. Your sanctuary awaits – bliss!

Now your garden may have many purposes – and having an area where you can relax may be just one of them but you can still carve out a space where you can relax when you’re alone in even the smallest garden.

1. Take Care Choosing Patio Furniture

To relax you just need a reclining chair with a soft patio cushion and a small table where you can place your book and a drink. It should not take up a lot of space and can be put away if necessary when not in use. If you are looking for a larger patio set for a bigger garden make sure that at least one of the chairs reclines – it’s not very relaxing sitting upright.

2. Always Available

If you can only snatch a few minutes to yourself you don’t want to spend time dragging your recliner out from wherever you store it. Set it up in the garden so that you only need to grab your cool drink and get out there on a nice day whenever you have a few moments to yourself!

3. A Shady Area

A tree is great for casting a little dappled shade over your patio and reclining chair for those hot summer days when you really don’t want to lie out frazzling in the sun for too long. If you don’t have the benefit of trees treat yourself to a garden parasol to provide that much needed shade.

4. Add Some Flowers

Add some flowers around your patio area. If there’s not enough room to ensure something will be in flower all year around then “cheat” by using plants and flowers in pots which you can change regularly. As one lot of flowers fades bring in a new set!

5. Use sound

Although peace and quiet is the effect you want, you can enhance with the gentle sound of wind chimes or a water feature. Wind chimes can be hung on a shrub or tree. If there is nothing suitable nearby use a shepherd’s hook planted in the ground.

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