Crafts that are Excellent Accessories for your Home

by Mara Hernandez-Capili

Craft are good sources of that are great for buying. Some people shop at craft fairs in order to look fro items to give away as presents, while some look for interesting curios to decorate their homes with.

What I am about to discuss to you are the that can be accessories for your home. Candles can be bought at craft fairs and are instant dcor boosters for your homes. They come in different colors, sizes and shapes. Have fun decorating your home using different colors and sizes of candles. Candles are suitable to place on top of your living room coffee table, as a dining table accessory (placed on top of a table runner), or as a bathroom dcor.

Beautiful pillow cases from flea markets are also excellent pieces to beautify and decorate your home. Flea market finds are generally cheap because they are either second hand goods being sold by their previous owners or bargain items from shops. Have fun redecorating your home this spring season through matching floral pillowcases and slipcovers on your living room sofa or bedroom sheets. Try it with matching floral area rugs also purchase from craft shows.

Quilts can also provide your home with a quick dose of design statement. Quilts can be purchased at craft fairs or craft shows which are mostly done through manual stitching by the sellers. Here is interesting information about quilt: it is also used to document history or a special occasion in ones . Patches are designed by symbolizing these special . Quilts of this purpose are usually left hanging on a wall to give it proper recognition.

Frames are popular to give a wall an instant identity. Hand made frames are very easy to make as it will only require a playful imagination and the right material or resources to begin with. Crafters make money out of selling hand made frames. An example of a handmade frame project is to use old calendar images of birds or landscapes. Cut them out and glue onto a thick card stock which is a shade or two darker in color. Make sure that you leave at least an inch border on all sides. Finish by placing on a cheap picture frame.

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