Transforming Your Home Into A Dream Beach House

by Perry Willabee

Do you love the feel of the ocean breeze gently blowing across your face as you bask in the sun’s gentle rays? Have you ever dreamed of spending the night on the , staring up at the stars and falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves?

Whatever your reasons are, making a that is reminiscent of a beach bum lifestyle, a seaside resort or the simplicity of life in the beach is very easy. All you need are some decorative materials that can be bought or made hassle-free.

Start with color. Have you ever noticed how hues seem to be more vivid and emphasized when you are surrounded by the blue-green of the sea, the azure blue sky at mid-day, the pink shade at sunrise and orange hue of sunset? Use all these and more, colors that are associated with the beach. You can paint the walls the color of the sea and add decorative items in colors of the light pink sunrise, deep orange sunset and the off-white sand. A dark blue or a blue-green room will give you a beach-friendly atmosphere all year long.

A lighthouse is a common fixture of the sea. Having miniature lighthouses as displays in a room will complete the beach theme of your place. There are also materials with lighthouses designs that are just as effective in giving off a seaside feel to your home. Examples are tapestries, painting and photos of lighthouses.

If you can personalize your lighthouse decors, the more it will add to the familial ambiance of home. Have some photos taken at a lighthouse with your family or friends next time you go on a vacation to the coastline. Take some photos yourself, pick some of your best shots, frame them nicely, blow them up if you feel larger photos are better, and display those around your . While on the beach too, collect nice looking seashells and if the sand is fine and white, take some home and put them together in a display case. You will have real elements from the beach, and more significantly, you collected them yourself from your own beach adventure.

Remember to use lots of texture in your lighthouse theme. The beach is made up of so many textures, from the rough grains of sand to the smooth seashells. You can create a similar textural experience in your room by using a mixture of hard and soft surfaces. Wicker furniture covered in soft cushions is a great choice for lighthouse decor. Wicker is reminiscent of seaside cottages and you can cover them in cushions to accent your wall color. Though they are actually quite comfortable, wicker furniture combines the textures of hard and soft to mimic the beach’s textural aesthetic.

Area rugs too are wonderful accents to finish the whole beach house look. Rugs in beach colors such as blue and green are perfect. Choosing soft and cushiony rugs to sink your feet in similar to relishing the feel of sand are also ideal items to have in your home. Pick out area rugs that look best with your furnishings and wall color, as well as rugs that will either highlight or accent your beautiful lighthouse pieces.

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