Water Damaged Carpet Restoration

by Pat Johnson

damage can come in many varieties, from a spill of a single bucket to flooding. How you approach your cleaning will also depend on quality. For example if it is drinking , rainwater or if it is from a sewer. Each situation must be evaluated on an individual basis, but here are some general guidelines.

If you are considering repairing the carpet once it has been subject to floods, it is first important to consider whether it is possible. This will be mainly determined by assessing carefully the cause of the flood that the floor. If water is from environmental conditions, such as rain or flooding, it is often prudent to attempt . If flooding is from pipes in the house, it is safe to attempt repair as long as you are certain that the pipes did not contain any sewage water.

Use your senses, especially the nose. Signs of include peeling paint, peeling wallpaper, points of mold, humidity, condensation, and a musty smell. Walk around the house wearing a sock on one foot and nothing on the other foot. Does the tile or hardwood floor feel hot or cold in a particular area? If so, there could be a water leak in the slab. When walking on the carpet, do you feel any moisture? Remove your socks and smell; is it wet?

If you have heavy water damage, you may need to replace some or all of your carpet. This is a time to hire a professional to decide what is best for your carpet. If you have a head start on things, you can avoid the often costly process. If you do not know what to do, a quick call to your dealer or quick search online is your best bet. Professionals know what is good and will give you the advice you need!

Cleaning and drying at home is essential. The sooner you can do it, the better. Otherwise, soaked in water causes more damage when the mold spores find the ideal setting from which to prosper. Use protective clothing, gloves and a mask, especially if the water is likely contaminated by sewage or chemicals. Depending on the extent of the flooding, you may need to remove the furniture and carpets.

Once you have removed most of the water, play it safe and break down the damaged area. Open doors and windows of the house to let some air flow through. You can also use stand-up or fans for a few hours to make sure everything dry.

Cheap removal companies for water damage are not hard to find, but do not waste too much time to choose the right company. The reason for this is the more you delay, the more problems occur. Well, if you want to extract the water yourself, think twice. Water extraction is not as simple as it seems. You should be using a water pump or similar equipment. The average household lacks all the specialized equipment to complete the job thoroughly.

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