What Exactly Is Organic Lawn Care?

by Jack Griggsby

I talk to people every single day who have decided to take a stand and “go green.” With that commitment, they have made the pledge to go in their care regimen. But most don’t understand what that really means. Here are some step-by-step tips to help you in your organic endeavors.

However, we first must lay down some groundwork before we can go totally organic in our lawn treatment schedule.

1) I hope this doesn’t burst your bubble, but there is no such thing as a natural weed control chemical. I don’t care what you hear, the ones being sold as such will not work. Don’t waste your money! So how can we get rid of weeds then? Well, the answer is to use the pesticides now, so you don’t have to later! Keep reading my friends.

2) Since we are going to have to use some type of weed killer, then we need to do it in a responsible way. Keep in mind, if you don’t keep the weeds down in your lawn, they will spread to your neighbors lawns and force them to use more chemicals! So what I recommend you do is spot spray the weeds using a pump up sprayer. This way you can target the weeds where they are instead of the alternative method of “weed and feed” where the weed chems are thrown everywhere, needed or not.

3) Now that we are understanding how to knock out the weeds, we need to get the lawn thicker. The ultimate goal here is to be able to completely eliminate the use of pesticides and the best way to prevent future weed pressure is to thicken up the as much as possible. The way we do this is to feed the lawn with balanced nutrients that will support photosynthesis. It is best to start out your lawn treatment regimen with synthetic fertilizers that are released when moisture is present. The best blend of thickening fertilizer will contain potassium and phosphorus with a bit of nitrogen. A good starting point would be a rating of 20-20-10.

4) Lastly and most importantly, you need to have your lawn aerated every single spring and fall. Aeration is a process whereby a machine is used to pull plugs of soil from the lawn. This helps to relieve compaction in the soil and spread the roots system, thus thickening the turf. This step cannot be skipped as it is 100% organic!

If you are still reading this, you are probably thinking that none of this is very organic in nature, and you’d be correct. You see, the way to get to an organic lawn is to first use chemicals and then get the turf thick enough to sustain a weed free lawn for the future! Get out and get started today!

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