Do You Measure Up To Your Windows Coverings?

by Veronica Wakeham

Your approach to window in order to address privacy, sunlight and design is reflective of your lifestyle. Some people sleep in the day due to work schedules and require complete blackout. Others just cut down on while watching television or working on their computer. Blinds can be slanted to keep the view while letting increments of light in for ambiance. Deterioration of carpets and fabrics from UV light exposure causing fading over time is also an important consideration.

You need to ensure you have the right fit and function when you choose the best type of treatment for your . Measurements have to be accurate to ensure the blinds are manufactured to fit and work perfectly. Remote control is more popular than ever but regardless of how drapes and blinds are opened and closed, they have to do so smoothly, effortlessly and safely.

In a design specialty stores you will be able to mix and match designer fabric swatches and coordinate a collection that compliments your taste and existing pieces such as art, rugs and furnishings and wall colors. You will see primary colors and seasonal offerings in big box stores but the hues and patterns and textures to create the designer styles you see in magazine photo-shoots are usually only available through specialty stores. The design expertise of the specialty store staff is traditionally quite extensive and less sales pressured and designer fabrics can be mixed and matched using a range of price points to fit your budget.

Some home decor projects are best left to professionals. If you mess up your painting or wall paper it is not such a loss of time and money to re-do the work. With however you are tackling function, shade, privacy, insulation and cleaning to name a few. You are trying to match your home decor and enhance the overall look. It takes a fair amount of expertise, time and money so be sure you are up for it.

The height of windows and the weight of the materials, drapery panels, blinds, or , when considered together should give you pause if you are not using a professional installer. Balanced on a ladder with many pounds of long materials, you will be drilling or screwing in brackets. It is not easy work and you need the proper tools for the job. Custom blinds are very heavy. Drapery panels are ironed for hanging and should not be wrinkled when hanging. Your install is an important matter to consider at the outset.

The nuts and bolts of the window coverings, the things that keep them functioning correctly are all tied to the correct measurements of the windows. Use a stainless steel tape. Decide on an inside or outside mount and accordingly. Tracks have to be cut and blinds and fabric bolts cut to the information given from the .

Are you getting designer fabrics and professional workmanship? When you shop for quality window coverings you need to have access to designer brands that the general public does not typically have. For instance, in my showroom I house an exhaustive design resource library where clients see the sample swatch colors of drapes that I have coordinated before placing their order. We also often bring a color sample into residence to see it in its natural light.

Treating your windows to a new look in a new or remodeled home is a sure-fire recipe for garnering a lot of compliments, when done professionally and properly. The result is instantly evident and the window coverings frame not only the windows but structure the other design elements and furnishings to a large degree. Planning and ensuring that you are well equipped to complete the job is as much a prerequisite here as in any other aspect of design.

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