Transforming Your Home Into A Charming Western Cottage

by Jackson Monero

If you are thinking of a theme to decorate your with, the , country theme is an option worth looking at. It gives a cozy and warm ambiance to the home and is easy to do. The materials are mostly nature-inspired and the colors are refreshing. Here are some decorating ideas for a home in the countryside:

When we say countryside, and cabin, what comes to mind are nature, fresh air, rustic and simple. Those are the things associated with living in the country. Thus, in making your home a “ or cabin” in the countryside, you should have all these elements. Bring nature into your home such as plants, flowers, twigs, tree branches and rocks. Use them as decors and incorporate them in the rooms. Place potted flowers on the windowsill, have some hanging plants, put some twigs in a nice vase, lean a tree branch against the wall and place rocks as table centerpieces.

Choose a color scheme based on earthy hues such as deep browns, olive greens, dark reds, or autumn yellows. You could also add accent pieces made of metal or wrought iron. Denim fabric offsets the rustic style when used to cover throw pillow or even picture frames. You should add many accessories to give the room a feeling of warmth, while keeping furnishings minimal.

cabins are usually sparsely furnished with simple pieces and clean lines. The more natural wood you can incorporate, the better your design will look. Consider refinishing thrift store coffee tables or dressers to replace furniture on a small budget. You can also search the thrift store for accessories with an antique feel. Look for old glass bottles, antique kitchen tools, quilts, embroidered pillows, and Native American crafts.

Add a beautiful area rug to insert softness into your rustic room. Look for a large rug in a neutral color or earth tone. You could even look for a rug with a Native American pattern to use as your room’s focal point. Animal print rugs could also work well in a Western room. Look for rugs with soft fibers that will make you feel like you’ve escaped to a mountain cabin. Comfort is the key to a rustic, Western design. You could also use a solid colored rug that offsets your wall color. If your walls are painted a neutral beige or gold, choose a deep red rug. Navy blue rugs also look nice when paired with natural wood furnishings.

Dare to be creative and imaginative in putting accents to complete the western style decorations of your home. If you feel a horseshoe or a whip will look good, then by all means, feel free to display them.

Try to have soft lighting as much as possible. Use lamps in the rooms and make your home as cozy and comfortable as if you are in a real cabin log in the middle of the rugged western mountains.

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