Heirloom Style

by Arlis Cutter

Decorating in an heirloom style will add to your dcor, it will make your home tell a story of times before. Like those old mansions that you see on older movies, beautiful and fabulous. It’s really easy to change your decoration into a fabulous looking heirloom style. All you need is a bit of creativity, and if you happen to have it some family treasures that were passed down to you.

Try purchasing beautiful wallpaper since older homes never really used paint to cover their walls. If you aren’t to into the wallpaper look then just choose one wall which the antique heirloom will be sitting. This will defiantly tie in the theme with the heirloom you are trying to incorporate into the room. Try choosing some great striped wallpaper or even something which takes you back into time.

Rugs will also add the focus on the main piece in the room. Placing an oriental rug underneath the heirloom or even in the middle of the floor will bring out the historic effect in the room. Many heirlooms from back in the day weren’t really colorful so this is the change to add a punch of color into the room’s appearance. Rugs are always a great dcor to add into a room even if you are trying to make it an antique styled area. Try to avoid modern rugs when purchasing one so it won’t clash with the heirloom piece since it’s very different than what they had back in the day.

How about adding in some mirrors to your room, finding them should be very easy checking those antique dealers. Or if you can’t find a good one around try using Venetian glass as accessories around the room.

If you are looking for a few more furniture items to place in the room, try searching antique shops or even flea markets. You’ll probably be able to find an old wing back chair which was always popular back then. This will give you that country feel as well once it’s added in with the heirloom. Draping a quilt over the chair will also bring back memories to your older family members when they see this in the room. Quilts are always a great idea to add when you are creating an antique feel.

To finish up this heirloom style buys antique lighting to go in your house. Check those antique stores again for a crystal chandelier. You can easily clean it up with water and vinegar mixed together. The sparkle will come back to the chandelier. Get some lamps and make sure the lamp covers are also antique style.

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