How You can Grow Great Corn

by Matthew James

To become a growing expert takes many years of practice in understanding the and plants to be an expert grower. However, it’s not impossible. Anyone with the time and desire can crow corn, even on a small scale. You don’t need one thousand acres in Iowa to learn how to grow corn. Just the will to do it.

Corn grows best where the weather is very warm over a long period of time. That is way the midwest grows so much corn. It has the perfect growing season. The temperature is just right and it hot for the right period of time. If you want to grow corn, you need to have a long period of warm weather. After you grow the corn, you can boil it and eat it right away- corn tastes best when it is eaten right away.

To start , you need to find an area of land that gets a lot of sunlight. The soil should be rich and thick, sheltered from the win, and exposed to a lot light. Moreover, the soil should have good drainage for after it rains. You want soil that is very nutrient rich. You can put some compost on the soil to add nutrients and nitrogen to the soil to ensure the soil is just right for .

After you have put fertilizer and tilled the soil to make sure it is fresh and nutrient rich, you can then put the seeds in the ground. You will want to put the seeds an inch into the soil and space the rows out by 18 inches. Moreover, you should make a rectangle of 4 rows. This pattern helps ensure that the seeds pollinate properly. Finally, the last tip is that the seeds need to be planted right in the ground and not transplanted from pots or trays.

While the plants are growing, make sure you give them a lot of water. Corn needs a lot of water to grow and flower. The hot conditions help the corn grow fast and to keep up they need to be watered a lot. Again why the midwest is great- it’s hot and rains a lot. If you aren’t in the midwest you will want to water the corn often. Moreover, make sure you keep looking out for birds or weeds that might destory the corn crop.

If you do all of this, you will grow great corn and your corn will be ready during harvesting tip. Make sure you test a few stalks for ripeness first before you pull all the cobs out. You can squeeze the corn kernels to find out if the plant is ripe. If a creamy liquid comes you, the corn is right and you can harvest it. Corn, can be refrigerated for 3 days if a need to store arises and can be frozen as well for future consumption in zip lock freezer bags. You can send your corn off to be turned into something else or have people come and by the corn by the bushel. Eat it yourself. Just be proud you grew your first successful harvest.

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