Options Galore In Wall Shelving Systems

by Ned Dagostino

units are great ideas to maximize floor space and organize storage, especially where accommodation comes at a premium. But high premium accommodation is usually associated with trendy penthouses or up market condos. In such an environment you will want to make sure that the wall unit matches the decor of your accommodation. Modern furniture showrooms have extended ranges of wall units to suit your most specific requirement.

Your choice and decision must take into account the intended location of the unit, its size, and the question of placement freedom. If you are happy letting the unit be where it is then you should get a wall-mounted unit, because that offers stability and strength. On the other hand, if you have to rearrange the furniture every season, then you should opt for the free-standing unit.

The whole purpose of shelving is that it will bear some load or the other. The question is: How much? That depends on the articles you are going to place on those shelves. Books, electronic equipment, and medium-sized objects d’art require the support of a sturdy shelving unit. For moderately light loads, you have an option between wood and glass. Wire mesh shelving is available for linen and similar small and light objects. The shelves will give your or office a cleaner, neater, tidier appearance. Things will be more organized too.

Survey the market thoroughly before buying a wall shelving unit. There are so many styles and varieties available that you’ll be able to get the exact shade of color that you want in any particular style and variety. So don’t hesitate to think out loud when you go window shopping for the ideal wall shelving unit.

What are the broad categories of wall shelving units? These categories are free-standing, hanging, modular, adjustable, or fixed. Then there are special categories like the track-type wall shelving unit. This wall shelving unit can be reconfigured very easily and very quickly. You can change almost everything about this type of wall shelving unit. Really amazing!

There are other types of wall shelving units too. Which to use depends on individual requirements. For a child’s room it is best to get an wall-mounted wall shelving unit with adjustable shelves. For a library, choose a wall-mounted wall shelving unit with fixed shelves.

A free-standing wall shelving unit is best suited for a designer’s room where the room is completely made over every few weeks to make a presentation to a client. Don’t use a free-standing wall shelving unit to hold heavy articles. It is always a good idea to anchor a free-standing wall shelving unit to the wall so that it doesn’t topple over.

Bear in mind that you can have the wall shelving unit custom assembled or you can just order it directly from the showroom. Take advantage of the various available to you in wall shelving units which can help you to save floor space and maximize wall space usage.

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