How to Keep Critters Out of the Garden

This is a timeless struggle between the Gardener and Nature’s creatures.

Rabbits, , Chipmunks, , Gophers, Moles, Voles and Ground Hogs are probably our biggest challenge in the vegetable and flower world. Following are a few easy tips on how to get rid of these pests:

There are all such as ShakeAway, Liquid Fence, Deer Away and . These all- all work well and all work in different ways.

Shake Away is a granular Predator Urine product. This is a fantastic product. It creates the scent of predators such as fox, coyote and bobcat. They will not wash away in the rain and do not evaporate. They are not messy or highly stinky, like their liquid counterparts. They even have one for cats.

Liquid Fence Products such as their Mole and Vole repellent are odor and taste based repellents. Mole and Vole is an all-natural liquid that is sprayed and gets down into the soil to coat the roots of plants and earthworms. Their tasty meal is no longer tasty. They simply go elsewhere to look for food. It is long lasting and won’t harm vegetation.

Critter Ridder by Havahart comes as a granular or a liquid and is listed OMRI organic. It will repel skunks, ground hogs, squirrels, raccoons, dogs and cats. They are both pepper and capsaicin-based products.

Critter Ridder Deer and Rabbit repel by scent and it lasts up to 3 months. It is also listed OMRI organic.

Havahart also has a line of safe and harmless traps that will allow you to catch unwelcome guests and release them into the wild. Be sure you are not trespassing on someone else’s property.

There are many lines of netting that will act as a barrier between garden and your prized , they are somewhat laborious and cumbersome to use, as well as somewhat unsightly if being used on flower gardens, however, they undoubtedly do the job.

The products listed are either all natural or organic and safe. It’s important to choose a product that is not laden with harmful, residual chemicals. We all want our families and pets to be safe. It’ll pay for you to choose your products wisely.

There are a few other items and techniques that also work well. Human hair and dog fur will also work. Human hair works the best. Go to your local Barber Shop and ask for some hair. Yeah, they might look at you a little funny at first, but they will think you are a genius when you tell them what its for. Put it around the perimeter of your garden. This will decompose naturally. It may need to be applied once or twice. With all these products, once a critter knows your garden or flowerbeds are not a safe or tasty place to go they usually will not come back. With a little effort and some product research you will have a pest free garden and be able to enjoy the well deserved results of your labor.

Happy Gardening!

This article may be reproduced and/or distributed. Please include this Author Resource. Written by Vera Pappas, Co-owner of Green Nation Gardens, Online Retailer of unique and eco-friendly garden supplies. Visit Green Nation Gardens Today!

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