Sony BRAVIA KDL46W4100 Customer Review

by Marc Bidderman

The is an attractive and extremely featured LCD set. We were mostly impressed by its performance, black color is very dark, accurate white colors and a brilliant display. This has also some negative sides, as the color gamut is a little off and the viewing angle are not very good.

If you look often some type of fast moving action on your TV, then this HDTV has got a plenty of things to offer you. The Sony KDL46W4100 performed good in our motion tests. We experienced smooth movement with movies that contained lots of movement, and the televison had no problem serving a good image.

This Sony supports a full HD or true HD signal. The choice of connectors is nice, having a 4 HDMI interfaces. Regrettably it does lack a USB port or some card reader.

This TV as well provides TruSurround and that is a trademarked SRS that solves the problem of running 5.1 channel sound through 2 speakers. This Sony delivers a great virtual surround sound with any 2 speaker units, including it’s own TV speaker systems and also headphones. It is completely capable of reproducing all multichannel formats up to 5.1 channels. This television also has 3 audio improving technologies to reproduce an awesome sound. Good sound with the outstanding image quality really makes this Sony TV a solid one.

The Sony Bravia KDL46W4100 executed good in our tests of blacks and whites. Black colors were precise deep, particularly for an of this price tag. White colors and greys were brilliant and precise. This television really has superior colors, we have seen consistent white colors and a clear, accurate representation of the primary colors that are used to make all colors on the screen. We were happy with color precision, but we have noticed a really small problem with the TV’s color gamut, which means colors may not always be precisely they should.

Maybe the largest problem with the Sony Bravia KDL-46W4100 is a viewing angle. Looking from aside we found that the contrast ratio was decreasing. Contrast ratio is the difference in reproducing the black and light colors. This tv set doesn’t have a very good viewing angle, even for an LCD TV, which usually don’t perform as well in this area as TVs.

The remote control of Sony Bravia KDL46W4100 is really enjoyable to take in your hand and it’s well designed with the exception that the controls for direction are at the different ends of the remote control from the channel buttons. The menu on the television is corresponding of that used in the PS3, and will require some time to get used to it.

Energy consumption is around average. You can use this LCD TV without worrying you will get a large bill for electrics.

This Sony KDL46W4100 is a very pleasant HDTV, with a full feature set and superior performance on almost all fields. The viewing angle matter will be serious for pickier ones. If you need a TV that will sit in a room where people will be looking at it from all angles you may want to go with a Plasma. If this isn’t an problem for you, then you will be getting your money’s worth with the Sony KDL46W4100.

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