Avoid The Most Common Mistakes In Decorating

by Karl VanDyke

There are some very common mistakes made when decorating your home. You can avoid them by following the tips below. This will ensure that you get the right look every time.

Mistake in Decorating #1: Clutter can be your enemy. If you have a cluttered room then no matter what you do it will not look right. Clutter is a big distraction and can make your home look unattended to as well. You can make it right by ridding your home of clutter. Don’t procrastinate and get rid of everything that you are not using. Get rid of toys, books, magazines, and more.

Mistake #2: Don’t worry about White walls. A lot of home decorators think that you need to have a white base on your walls but instead of white choose off white shades like ivory or eggshell. This will make your kitchen feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Mistake #3: Beware of imitation flowers. If you are going to use floral arrangements in your kitchen you want the arrangement to be like real. Get some help from the florist near you to create a great artificial arrangement without looking artificial.

Mistake #4: Don’t use the same color in your room. If you do use the same color then the color is going to be dull and make your new look seem aged. You want to spice up the look by adding one base color and highlighting it with another. :

Mistake #5: Floors need covered too. Don’t forget to complete the project by decorating your floors. After you decorate the walls and accent the room in matching colors you want to be able to decorate the floors with ease.

Choosing an area rug is your best choice. You can always find one style that catches your eye and that will give your new look exclamation.

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