Alternative Hobbies to Hunting at Wisconsin Craft Fairs

by Rick Amorey

Here in , outdoor activities such as are becoming increasingly more popular. The most popular game, in particular, is a creature called the white deer. This is a good hobby by itself, but you must remember to get a proper license first. We must, as inheritors of the Earth, make sure that we do our part to preserve the existence of these amazing animals.

Other options include giving up hunting altogether. In this way, the white deer gets a better chance at life, for their natural predators will keep their numbers in check, the way nature intended it to be. I know this is not an option for everyone, but for those who want to do their part in conserving the environment.

If you do decide to stop hunting game, then more power to you. But it’s also a good idea to have a replacement hobby. My suggestion would be making crafted items. You’ll be able to see these magnificent animals in a whole new way; maybe by carving their likeness in a medium you are interested in.

It will not happen overnight; but eventually, you will hone your skills with your , and you’ll be confident enough to display them as you did the magnificent game that you once caught. And as you are more familiar with these animals than other people are, you will be able to carve their likeness better than most. Perhaps, then, it is time to reveal your at a show. You could even earn some spare cash while you’re at it.

There are online listings for if you take the time to look. A lot of them happen in Wisconsin, too. Attend these events, and you’ll soon see that hunting will be the furthest thing on your mind. See you there!

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