Using Color In Your Home

by Jennifer Carlone

Choosing a for the space in your is a big decision to consider. Just a punch of color will draw attention to the room and its space. You then can decorate the room based around the wall colors with vases, pillows, and even art work.

If you have one larger wall which runs through two rooms consider painting it one color and making it the focal area. This will make the rooms seem larger as if it’s one rather than being separated.

The focus color might be a tapestry or large painting. An area rug is the perfect choice if you would like to draw attention away from a large object. This rug will not only quickly become your focal point; it will also add flair and warmth to your room dcor.

Area rugs are a great option to consider when you decide to change your room’s dcor. By adding a great are rug you’ll have a color palette to work off of. Try choosing a patterned rug which allows you three or more colors to work off of. You also can have a great rug which only has a pattern around the outside so it’s not too busy for the eyes.

Choosing a plain colored area rug will be pretty straight forward. Match the rest of your dcor colors to this main focal point. Your rug will probably have a pattern and that pattern will have more than one color that pops. To make the dcor harmonious, using one or two of the most prominent colors of the design of the area rug and placing objects of that color around your room will accomplish this.

If the room is decorated but you feel like an area rug will fig perfectly into this space try purchasing one which is close to the color palette which already exists. It can either have the same colors as the dcor in the room or even just one of the colors which is the most prominent one in the room.

Before painting the rooms try figuring out what type of feel you want it to have. For example; a romantic room would be painted in the red to burgundy family since it’s rich and warm. A family room could be painted a cream or lighter color to give warmth but also will make it seem brighter and larger.

Light colored paints which are used on walls in smaller spaces will make it seem larger. The light will reflect off of the bright colored walls and won’t give you that closed in feeling as darker colored paints will give you.

Green is an earthy color which can be combined with mostly any color palette. Blues can go either way; darker is for a more serene feel as with lighter blues will make you feel lifted. If you are someone who isn’t scared of color, try a violet color.

As you have seen, color brings a lot to a room and one of the easiest ways to bring in the perfect focus color is by using an area rug.

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