Sliding Glass Door Security Hints

by Jason Reamer

The house may protect or expose you to danger depending on how cautious you are in determining the condition of its parts. As a rule of the thumb, consider all aspects. Do not leave a single part in your inspection because it can spell trouble after.

For , check if there are locks on it. Normally, they do not have any lock, only latches. Generally, latches are created with soft aluminum, which is very prone to daily wear and tear.

Furthermore, with the warmer weather around the corner, most are left slightly open to allow ventilation to come in. Sadly, complacency normally gives burglars the chance to take advantage over the open space.

Nevertheless, you are not bound to spend the whole summer with locked since you can always insert a stick or any wooden dowel to limit movement on the door.

Blocking devices are parts of sliding glass door security, so be sure to have them in your house.

It is important to check if the sliding door can be locked with the use of a key to help stop an intruder from opening the lock from the inside. Nevertheless, keep keys close to you just in case of fire.

Another sliding glass door security measure is to place decals near the door handle since this signifies that you own a security alarm system. If you don’t have decals with you, a mere sign of “Beware of Dogs” may help create the same effect.

Also, to help you prevent lifting the door out of the track, you have to be sure that the rollers are in great condition. The same is true in installing self-tapping screws, which is a crucial step to do. The moment these screws are installed, you can open and close the door easily.

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