Clutter Clearing To Keep Your Home Clean

by Sue Krippner

The first step when it comes to any design project is . You cannot attempt to refresh the look of a room if you have piles of unorganized junk laying around. Enroll the family in your project to remove the junk from all the rooms and make sure you put rules in place so that it doesn’t happen again. When your household is more organized it will be a more efficient and productive one.

Schedule frequent clutter clearing sessions to keep your home organized. This is not an exercise in moving something from one place to another, rather you should get rid of items no longer needed. Maintain a clutter free home by putting things where they belong immediately, using special storage containers for daily items, kept out of sight.

Before you start your clutter clearing project, get four boxes and affix labels that read “keeping”, “giving away”, “throwing out” and “not sure”. It goes without saying that you should keep family heirlooms or frequently used items, give away badly fitting clothes or old toys or electronic equipment, throw out anything that is broken, or put one side to think about later if you are not sure whether an item’s function is valuable or is sentimental. If you can’t think of a purpose, give it away.

You will find a lot more space when you have completed your clutter clearing project. All those recipe clippings should be placed in a decorative box or a binder and this is much more practical than stuffing them in a drawer, where they fall out of the back into oblivion. Recycle a broken computer rather than letting it gather dust in a room. If you take an objective look around the house, you can get tough with your decisions as to what stays and what goes.

Bedrooms, and especially closets, will need frequent clutter clearing projects. Shoes, accessories and clothing that no longer fit, or are rarely worn, should be removed. You will find a lot of unnecessary stuff on night stands and in drawers.

One of the most used rooms in the house is the bathroom and it is always in need of clutter clearing. The room can look very messy if unused personal hygiene items are allowed to pile up in the corner. Whilst you are at it, discard any medicine or items that may have expired and all old makeup items. Each family member should have a designated door, within which they can put their stuff, to keep shelves and closets free of clutter.

It is important that you include the kitchen in your clutter clearing project. Take away all items on your counter tops that are not part of the function of the room. Organize your cabinets, closets and drawers, removing miss matched or rarely used items.

With a plan of action, clutter clearing does not have to be time consuming or exhausting. Depending on how much stuff has accumulated over time, you might want to set aside one day a week to do one room at a time. This way it wont seem so overwhelming having to tackle the whole house in one day.

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