Having the Right Curtains For Your Kid’s Room

by Candy Crane

It goes without saying that each child has his or her own personality. So a good idea when designing a is to base it around their personality. Children tend to spend a lot of time in their , as it is their own private place to have a bit of space from the outside world, and where they can get their all-important sleep. As a result, one of the main features to aid a healthy nights sleep is a set of thick .

Designing, choosing the color and selecting the fabric of your childrens curtains can be great fun. They dont have to always be elegant; more often than not the kid will want bright, exciting colors and designs. There is no use choosing boring beige or pastel shades, the curtains can instead be a little more fun ” and there are plenty of great colors and patterns waiting to be chosen. The fabric of kids curtains also often differs from that of adults, with fabrics such as plaid and corduroy quite common. An interesting or fun pattern (think polka dots!) can also add to the exciting scheme.

When it comes to sleep habits, it is vital to remember that kids will be going through changes as they get older. Younger kids tend to go to bed earlier and wake earlier, but teens often stay up later in to the night, but sleep in, especially on the weekends! When kids get to the teenager stage, you should consider using a thicker material for their curtains, otherwise the sun will easily shine through and may wake them a lot earlier than they would like.

Whether you are planning on designing and making the curtains yourself, or contemplating bringing in a professional, you should keep your child in the know. You will find it extremely disappointing if you spend long hours and/or a lot of money, only to find they are unhappy with your choices, and dont appreciate your efforts.

The vital thing to remember is that these curtains are being designed for a kid, who has different ideas and tastes from an adult. If you get them involved with the design process it will stir their creative genes, and though you should always be the one cutting, sewing and measuring, if you let them voice their own opinions on the colors and fabrics it will make them feel more involved, and the end result will likely leave everyone pleased with their effort and happy with the end result.

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