Boldly Looking Forward With Kohler Faucets

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is a name that immediately comes to mind for many folks when speaking of unsurpassed quality and value at reasonable prices. For more than 80 years, and the brand of Kohler have been an industry institution.

Some might say that Kohlers business is in the toilet, literally. Truth is, their business is also in top-quality sinks, bathroom accessories, showerheads and and lavatory . These fine products are made under various names such as Kohler, Hytec, and Sterling. The company also makes furniture under the names Baker and McGuire, in addition to stone, ceramic, and mosaic tile under the brand Ann Sacks.

In Kohlers business of manufacturing Kohler kitchen faucets, lavatory and sink faucets, among many other plumbing supplies, sales are driven largely by demand from the construction, electrical distribution, telecommunications and hardware retailing industries.

The efficient use of inventory management and its ability to merchandise well is largely attributed to Kohlers ability to be profitable. According to, small operators can compete in their space by stocking specialty products, stocking all the parts their customers needs, or delivering superior service. The industry is considered highly automated with average annual revenue averaging around $450,000 per employee.

In addition to the development of Kohler kitchen faucets, less known activities include Kohler’s development of generators, small engines and power supplies for industrial as well as consumer applications. Real estate operations are also in Kohler’s portfolio, and these include a Wisconsin resort (Destination Kohler), and Old Course Hotel Golf Resort and Spa in Scotland.

How to Best Care for Kohler Kitchen Faucets

Kohler’s products are well-made and can last for many years when cleaned and cared for properly. To get the best results, simply follow these basic rules:

a.) Be sure to avoid having cleaner sit on surfaces for any length of time. It is important to wipe off any detergents shortly after applying them to the surfaces you wish to clean. b) Upon applying any cleaner, be extra careful to wipe the surfaces of your Kohler kitchen faucets, and rinse them completely with water. If any detergent or solvent lands on neighboring surfaces, simply rinse and dry them using a soft, damp cloth or sponge; never an abrasive material. Using a scouring pad or brush could scratch your ’s surfaces.

Note that the ability of cleansers or detergents to properly clean your Kohler kitchen faucets is largely depending on both the temperature and hardness of your water. Be careful to use exact measurements of solvent as indicated by the manufacturer, along with the overall condition of the product you are trying to clean. Of course, there could possibly be other variables among these factors. Kohler cannot be held responsible for improperly using cleaning formulas on their kitchen faucets.

Chairman Herbert Kohler Jr. with his sister, Ruth Kohler, control the Kohler company. They are both grandchildren of the founder.

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