Does The Efficient Planet Guide Work?

by Tim McDonald


is not just one energy , it’s three! With 51 pages on how to make your , 71 pages on building a solar panel system, and another 50 pages on saving power at home, this guide is a complete set of instructions and advice. But, where it falls short of its rival, Earth4Energy is that it has no video tutorials.

What we like about it:

1 – Comprehensive Instructions

Because is packed with so much information (over 175 pages), it is great value for money at only $49.97. Not to mention how easy the step-by-step plans are to follow.

2 – Many free extras

Efficient planet has a whole host of bonus items for its customers – this includes a 50 page guide on . Just this guide alone is worth the $49.97. Also included are audio and video interviews with fellow DIYers that have built their own home solar and wind power.

Additional, but irrelevant bonus items included is: ‘Project Wealthy’ – a kit that teaches you everything about running your own efficient home business. And what they call “Undisclosed bonuses”.

3 – Solid plans:

A nice feature of the guide, is that it is broken up into 3 parts:

The first guide speaks solely on , with a set of instructions on how to make your solar electric system at home. It also contains information on other options, such as solar air and water heating, and solar roofing.

The second guide talks about wind power and how to make your own home wind turbine. It discusses the 10 common misconceptions about wind power, by giving solid facts and evidence.

The third book explains a variety of clever ways to become more energy efficient without sacrificing your quality of living. Although most of the tips we already knew, some of them we didn’t. But it really rounded off the whole Efficient Planet package, and helped it achieve it purpose of showing you how to save power and money at home.


1: Lack of video instructions

Just when we thought Efficient Planet was the best energy guide on the market, we realized it has absolutely no video instruction. Many people that are inclined will struggle to just follow the written plans and diagram to build their first solar or wind power system. It would have been so much easier if we could watch it being built step-by-step.

2: Just another DIY energy guide

Efficient Planet is just another diy energy guide. There seems to be a new one cropping almost weekly. And at the end of the day, it gives you the same info as other energy guides, but said in a different way. We like the fact that the Efficient Planet authors realized this and gave a number of great bonuses to complement the product, which made better value for money.


Efficient Planet provides some of the most complete, and useful step-by-step instructions on making your own and saving power at home. Yes, you will eventually build a working solar and wind power system with the plans, but it will take you a little longer than if you used the Earth4Energy guide (which has free video instruction). The free extras make it well worth the $49.97 price, so it comes in 2nd place.

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