My Experience With Make Natural Power

by Tim McDonald

So you have decided to build your own home and home . You have searched the internet and come across the guide. But does it really work? And is it the best diy energy guide out there? Let me tell you what I think of it.

The best thing about is its cover. Everything beyond that was disappointing to say the least. Although it appears to have all the features of the the other guides, the information is very thin and not well-explained.

Good Aspects:

I have that the one positive I got out this guide is that it is possible to build a home solar power and wind turbine system, but only if you have previous diy and know a lot about things such as wiring, using various tools and material, and fixing things properly to your roof.

The Cons about getting the guide:

* Poor drawings

The drawings were very poor. They were dull, incorrectly labeled, and not even scaled down properly.

* Rubbish

The instructions were not easy to follow, and the illustrations did not help either. Because of this, the reader is required to figure things out on their own, resulting in a useless solar panel system, if it ever get finished.

* Poor maintenance advice

We eventually did get our windmill to work, however, since the maintenance instructions were so incomplete, our wind turbine only managed to last 2 months, until it finally seized. It turns out they forgot to tell us how to make the windmill weather-proof.

* Slow customer support

A lot of the time we had to contact customer service for assistance. But they were very slow to respond, and by the time they did reply we had either forgotten what the problem or had figured it out ourselves. On average, it will take over 5 days to get the answers you need.


If you are willing to get a cheap knock-off of Earth4Energy, but for the same price, then by all means get the Make Natural Power guide. The book was terribly written, the instructions were confusing, and it was not a pleasant experience for me.

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