Patio Cushions: the Different Types of Fabrics

by Patrick G Cousins

Patios are great places to entertain guests outdoors or simply have a relaxing time with friends and family. To maximize the enjoyment furniture is an important component of any . And to make sure that the furniture is comfortable and relaxing you will need .

Not only can outdoor cushions ensure that your patio furniture is snug and cozy, they can also transform the look and style of a patio instantly. With hundreds of different styles, patterns and colors you can use a new set of patio cushions to make your outdoor setting look a thousand times better.

Besides the color and look, probably the most important consideration is the material of the cushions. If you will be leaving the cushions out when the patio is not in use then you will need to choose a set made from a weatherproof material.

One of the most important characteristics of any outdoor fabric is its ability to remain durable under the stress of the harsh sun and heavy rain. They should be easy to clean so that food stains and dirt that will accumulate can be removed quickly. Also, insects and spiders should be unable to nest inside the cushion’s filling.

Acrylic is a common fabric for outdoor cushions and is both strong and durable. Any dirt or mildew can be cleaned by simply wiping them away with a cloth dipped in warm water. Another fabric is olefin which ensures that the color won’t fade even in strong daylight and can be cleaned in the same manner as acrylic cushions.

Polyester is another fabric which great for use as an outdoor cushion. It is waterproof and you will find that it won’t accumulate dirt and mildew like some other . However, polyester can be hot and may stick against the bare skin of somehow who is sitting against it for a long period of time.

If you want to use a fabric which isn’t weatherproof then you will probably need a secure cupboard to store the patio cushions away. This cupboard will need to be situated in a dry place and preferably indoors to avoid insects or spiders from taking up residence inside the space.

There are literally thousands of different colors and pattern variations available. Online stores are a great way to browse through the different cushions quickly. However, brick and mortar stores can give you friendly personal service face-to-face.

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