Things to Consider When Using Wedding Chair Covers

by Mae Summerville

Nothing gives a grander and more magnificent appearance to a reception than . Regardless of the style or type of material you choose, will definitely add greatly to the majesty of your reception. Besides that they also serve other purposes.

If you are planning to rent many of your wedding supplies versus buying them then chair covers are a wise investment. One big problem with chair rentals is that because a rental company makes money by using the same items over and over the chairs will get worn looking after a while. In addition you may find that they have bought rental chairs from several different companies and so you may get five or six slightly different chairs.

Because they come in different styles and materials they are very versatile and can be used in just about any reception setting. Most people choose to get white chair covers and then get a sash bow that is the same color as one of their primary wedding colors. Because of their whiteness they really help in getting the sash bow to stand out. Of course you can choose a white sash bow and have a monochrome look that does not detract from the other colors you use at the reception.

If you decide that you want something other than linen to decorate the tops of your tables you may want the chair cover to be made of a like material. For instance if you use a satin overlay or table runner you may also want to use a satin chair cover. Of course having the tablecloth material and chair cover material to match is not mandatory and I have seen beautiful tables using satin on the top of the table and a polyester chair cover. You can use just about any type of chair cover with just about any tablecloth, runner, overlay or napkin.

If you are going to be renting the chair covers you need to be sure they are the same color and also the same shade if possible. If they are various shades of white then you need to sort them by shade and try and get the same shade for each table. Also start on one end of the room and go from darkest white to the whitest white on the other end of the reception area. No matter how you do it try to keep similar shades together and have them “feather” out.

Make sure that prior to the reception you get a chair cover and you try it on several chairs to ensure it will fit properly. Chair covers, like chairs, are made in different widths and lengths and may not be the right size for the chairs you will be using. You do not want to find on your wedding day that all the chair covers you got will not work on the chairs.

Selecting chair covers is like anything else that is part of the wedding. Sit down and imagine the ideal reception and if chair covers are part of it be sure to get to the correct ones.

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