College Logo Area Rugs

by Corey Barens

The United States is in the middle of “March Madness”, the annual NCAA tournament that selects the Men and Women’s collegiate National Champions in the sport of basketball. Fans of collegiate sports in all parts of the country are always completely devoted to their particular alma mater or team of choice. Untold millions of dollars are spent on game tickets, travel expenses (gas, food, lodging, airline tickets, etc.), parking, and souvenirs. At no time of the year are sports fans more dedicated and committed to their team than during the basketball tournament time called “March Madness.” You only have to watch a few games of the tournament to see the enthusiasm, the attire and “body art”, and the overall involvement of the fans that attend the Regional and Final Four games.

The souvenir industry has taken especial note of the support that fans of the collegiate scene exhibit by their purchase of all kinds of team identification paraphernalia. Fans of college teams will buy anything and everything that relates to their team. From apparel and game shakers to coffee mugs and , seats, pens and jewelry to literally ANYTHING that can screen printed, etched, colored or somehow logoed, the devout fan will lay out the bucks to have at least one of it. Vanity car tags, the paint job on cars, tattoos, ties that play team fight songs-everything is fair game for the industry that supports the fan that supports his team. A lot of these items make an appearance only during the particular sports season underway at the time and then are put away until next year’s kickoff or tip off or first pitch.

Aside from the traditional souvenirs of coffee mugs, ball replicas, clothing apparel, pens, posters, etc. area rugs are sought-after keepsake of a team’s name. The best thing for a sports fan is the chance to show his love for his favorite team all year long and not just during the sport’s season. Displaying the can be for 365 days, 24 hours and 7 days a week in different colors, shapes and design. How’s that for a good deal?

Area rugs designed as a souvenir item are usually printed in loud colors, as with most identification paraphernalia. For anyone who would see this rug, they’ll know without asking that the owner is indeed a fan. It’s not your typical souvenir item (that risks getting lost anyway) as an area rug also serves a functional purpose for home or office use. Area rugs are effective decors but at the same time offer protection to shield the floor from scratches, dirt, dents and other damages.

The makers of customized the designs according to the major college teams. Top ranking schools in the sport’s standing also get much exposure for having a lot of designs and more stock on hand. The sizes of area rugs usually range from 4′ x 6′ to 5′ x 8′.

Souvenir items are sold in sport’s venues, sporting goods store and the team’s own souvenir booth or shop. However, area rugs may not be as widely available as the other souvenir items. They are obtainable in many Internet sources such as online stores, direct suppliers or collectors selling their goods online.

Area rugs as souvenirs are real prized possessions for die-hard fans. It’s hard to miss out on these decorative items.

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