Hydroponics of the Aztecs in the Modern Times

by Paul J. Easton

The Indians of Aztec had been known for a scheme of producing crops on rafts in shallow lakes. As an evidence of such ingenuity, you can even witness these gardens near Mexico City.

is the system of growing plants with the roots suspended in mineral-rich waters. Developments in this scheme of growing plants did not start taking place in Europe before 1699. In 1699, Woodward found that he could grow plants in a solution of water to which soil had been added. Knop in 1861 started studies of nutrient elements in water solutions and grew plants in nutrients-rich solutions with mineral salts ridding of the soil.

Studies on the nutritional requirements of plants continued until the 1870’s. And by 1925, there were already practical uses of hydroponics established in the greenhouse industry.

The 1930’s see huge development as scientists observed the prospective development of farming using hydroponics as a method. In 1930 Gericke even produced the first commercially acceptable unit in the United States of America.

Later during the World War II, the American forces in the Pacific even grew crops hydroponically. Today, the availability of automatic control systems and digital testing equipments has unfolded the hydroponics field to the whole world.

Hydroponics has rapidly grown today since the . It has turned into a necessary scheme of farming crops especially vegetables and staples in countries where water is scarce and valuable. It has also become more crucial with countries where land is not arable for growing plants.

With water care and land care legislated in most developed countries, sensible and well maintained hydroponic farming is a great promise to sustain the yield of high quality produce while being environment-friendly for tomorrow.

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