Gardening Accessories For Growing 100 Pounds of Garden Potatoes

by Robert Barton

for can prove useful. are starchy tuber growing underground. As they mature, they swell and get larger. Some say they grow pound in a 4 square foot area by covering the plants in layers as the greens shoot up.

Garden seed potatoes are simply potatoes that have sprouted. They shoot out sprouts from the potato eyes. Most likely you have seen that happen in your kitchen when the potato basket was ignored for too long.

Before you plant your ‘seed” potatoes, you’ll want activate their spouting. By simply keeping them in a warm place in bright sunlight, you’ll activate this process. Some use egg cartons or baskets as temporary holders.

The day before planting you will want to cut up the seed potatoes. Cut a 1-1/2 to 2 inch cube containing at least 2 eyes. Leave your cut potatoes open to the air overnight. A callous will cover the cut part and will prevent the seed from rotting in the ground.

Potatoes don’t like a particularly rich soil. If you have some organic matter and the pH is good, the potatoes should be happy. What they do rely on is a steady water supply. If the spring and summer rains don’t offer enough water, water them at least an inch a week.

A mound or container gardening accessory makes hilling easy and takes up less space. Plant your seed potatoes in the bottom of a tall container, like a clean garbage can or whisky barrel. Put about 6″ of soil in the bottom first, and add 6 potato seedlings inside and cover with 4 inches of soil. A few weeks later as the vines emerge to about 8 inches high; cover them with another layer of soil.

Potato sprouts will appear in about 2 weeks. When they get about 2 or more inches high (this will take about 3 weeks) add soil to partially cover the growing vines. Do this again 2 weeks later. This process is called “hilling”. Add an inch or two of soil every week so there is enough soil above the developing potato garden to prevent them from sticking out above the soil line because the potatoes will turn green

New potatoes are small, immature potatoes. The days to harvest your crop range from 2 to 4 months. You can harvest a few of these without harming the plant, by gently feeling around in the soil near the plant, once the plant reaches about a foot in height. When the tops of the plants die off the entire crop is ready for harvest. All the sprays and fertilizers to grow healthy potatoes: Gardening Accessories

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