Three Elements To Successful Design

by Sigmund Reynolds

There are three major that can make a room when implemented or break a room when ignored. These three can mark the difference between a well-decorated room to a major decorating debacle.

When designing a room, the three most important things that you need to keep in mind is that you must arrange a room which is not only functional but also provides a mood and a great sense of harmony. These basic guidelines can help anyone when putting together a room for themselves or for a client. Failing to fulfill these three basic elements could result in a room that no one will enjoy and would do their best to avoid.

Functionality – each room in the house has different functions and these functions should be met. Even if you hang out and “party” with your friends in your bedroom you don’t decorate it as a place to party simply because a bedroom does not function that way. Bedroom is for resting and sleeping. Party time is held in areas like the living room, games room and the kitchen. Similarly, you don’t decorate the den with pots and pans and a breakfast table because you don’t cook there. You design the den with television, a couch and a coffee table. Furthermore, arranging the furniture is an important factor to achieve functionality. In the living room for example, the television should be placed where people can see the screen but won’t hinder a smooth-flowing conversation. It shouldn’t block people from seeing each other or obstruct a view that a guest has to crane her neck to speak to another guest.

The second element is mood. This refers to the ambiance of the room. Is it cheerful, solemn, elegant, subdued or daring? Specific rooms also require a certain mood to evoke the appropriate feelings. A bedroom should be calming for better sleep, the living room inviting and the kitchen cheerful. The decorations and color can help set the right mood.

The third and last element is harmony. This refers to balance. When we say harmony, it signifies the over-all look of a space. In other words, how the items complement each other, how the color scheme looks with the rest of the room, how the furniture make the room look and so on.

Integrating all these elements bring us to one decorative item that meets functionality, mood and harmony. These are area rugs. An area rug is a floor covering that shields the flooring from stains, dents, dirt and scratches. It reflects a particular mood through the choice of a color and pattern. Lastly, it makes the room well coordinated, especially if placed at the right spot. With the right color, an area rug can bring all the decorations and furniture together.

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